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    FDNY Lt. Gordon Ambelas, honored just 10-days-ago for rescue of a little boy, died last night in a Brooklyn high-rise fire.

    NEW YORK (AP) — New York firefighters were mourning the death of a 40-year-old lieutenant killed when he became trapped while looking for victims in a public-housing high-rise fire Saturday, the first to die in the line of duty in more than two years.


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    If you love Tony Gwynn like I have since I was kid and haven’t watched this, have some tissue ready.
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    I tried not to guess.

    I did not anticipate.

    I trusted my eyes.

    - Tony Gwynn, 1960-2014

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    A tribute to No. 19. #MrPadre

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    "Der Tod Ruft." (Death is calling.) - Unknown

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    These are probably the best things ever.



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    Kel-Tec KSG

    This particular example surprisingly defies the stigma associated with reselling firearms with custom finishes and stippling. Generally whenever you refinish the entire gun in a distinct pattern, you very rarely get any value added. To be honest the stippling isn’t even that good, however, with regular KSG’s selling for about $800 to $1,000, this one is already got a high bid of $1,200+. I suppose someone really likes the color scheme. (GRH)